Copper Switch Plates Function Better

When it comes to speak about copper, you may feel that there’s a vast domain to cover. It’s a versatile metal used to make all kinds of household equipment from cups and plates to building materials. Copper is successfully used to produce switch plates even. Some may think that using copper for switches is not an advisable thing. Even ceramic switch plates are liable to electric shocks when once they get wet. But, no need to fear. Copper switch plates are produced in such a way to prevent dangers. They have now invented safe ways of making them to withstand wear and tear for years. Let’s see why they especially use copper to make switch plates.

Anti-microbial property

Copper has a power to kill germs. Copper switch plates are used in places such as hospitals and other crowded institutions where germ protective measures must be taken to maintain the hygiene. Switch plates in these places are exposed to the contact of thousands of people daily. Copper kills microbes. So, copper switches and switch plates prevent the transmission of germs from one person to the other. It seems to be the most suitable material to serve that purpose.

Skillfully made using pure copper

Antique copper switch plates are exceptional due to the way they’re constructed. Mexican artists use ancient techniques inherited to them from their ancestors. We can assure the strength and durability of these copper products since they’re made hand hammering single sheets of pure copper. They use the finest, one inch long brown screws to insert each and every item.

When once you buy a copper switch plate, you’ll definitely love its dark brown patina. The finished product is in antique copper which has won a huge market worldwide. They are hammered all by hand and finally cut using a mold to get a good finish. Fine Crafts and Imports take all the pains to bring all these hammered copper switch plates and other electrical appliance to a superb finish. So, trust them all the time and buy your copper switch plates only from a reliable Mexican manufacturer such as Fine Crafts and Imports..

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